I am using econnectOut for retieving data. I have created new record in eConnectOut_Setup table and it is working fine.

The question I have is how can I use aggregiate function like sum, group by in eConnectOut_Setup.

Can any body help?

Sajudeen Kassim


Is it possible to change to another company from an add-in? I thought about creating a macro for each company and then calling them from the addin, but I wouldnt be able to handle errors for the user.



 I am using GP9 and VS2005 and am wondering is there any way to control the position of addin windows relative to the main GP window ?

I know there are options to control the form position properties to :- screen centred, manual etc. There is also the option of saving and retrieving postion of the window by using the registry. But I want the window to be centred relative to the GP application. There is a form postion property : CenterParent but it does not appear to work correctly.

Is it possible to determine the absolution position of the Dynamics client and then subsequently position an addin window ?

Any help is appreciated

I know this may really look elementary.

I am trying to setup the visual studio tools.

In the setup he doesn't ask me for component I want, at the end I can't find the dyanmics GP add ons in my visual stuido project menu.

I tried many times to use the command of devenv but nothing happened.

 Please help if you can, there is a somthing missing, I did it beofre but I can't remember it now.



i have installed microsoft dynamics gp, and now i want to install eConnect, the install guide could not help, because i could not find eConnectRuntime.exe, and Application Server components. what can i do now......

I believe that this applies to any eConnect object that can have multiple 'child' objects (i.e. Customer addresses, Vendor addresses), but in my case I happen to need it for Items with multiple ItemSites.  Every example of this that I have seen only has 1 child object, so I haven't found any examples of how to do this properly. 

So I have a simple array that contains the list of sites, and every item needs to be assigned to those sites.  I then read that array, set the properties of the ItemSite object, and then attempt to assign that ItemSite to my ItemSites array. 


Dim ItemSite As New taItemSite_ItemsTaItemSite
Dim ItemSites() As taItemSite_ItemsTaItemSite
Dim siteLoop As Integer = 0
For siteLoop = 0 To UBound(itemSitesArray)
    ItemSite.LOCNCODE = itemSitesArray(siteLoop)

    ReDim Preserve ItemSites(siteLoop)
    ItemSites(siteLoop) = ItemSite


This code compiles and runs, but the problem I'm having is that the assignment line (last line in the loop) is assinging a pointer/reference to the ItemSite object, and is not assigning a copy of the ItemSite object.  So after ItemSites(0) = ItemSite, and ItemSites(1) = ItemSite, when I change the values of ItemSite.ITEMNMBR, it is changing the ITEMNMBR value for ItemSites(0) and ItemSites(1). 

I've looked at DirectCast(), but the taItemSite object doesn't support MemberwiseClone.

Is there a different method for assigning the object?  Or do I have to write a manual 'clone' function like what is discussed here:


Or should I just write a separate function to independently assign an Item Site to an existing inventory item after it is created and  just call that function multiple times?


A colleague warned me that using Modal windows for a GP AddIn causes problems.  He mentioned that it messes up the tab order, but when I tried it, the window displays, but some controls (save and cancel buttons, control box) do not respond to mouse events.  I basically have to use the ESC key to close the window.

Has anyone had problems trying to do a Modal .NET window as part of an AddIn?

 If it doesn't work, is there a workaround for avoiding problems if the user goes back to GP and makes changes?

In my case, my .NET window is for the Vendor Maintenance form, and my data on the form is tied to the vendor ID, so I would ideally like to prevent the user from changing the vendor ID on the GP form.  Modal seems like the easiest way, but I suppose I could detect a change in the Vendor ID field value and handle the situation at that point, but that seems like more work.

Good day to all,

What are the tables for Field Level Security? in Dynamic GP 10.

I want know how to export the inoframtion of  Field Level Security.



 Hi All,

   How to implement Trigger_RegisterDatabase() functionality from vstools?



Ravi Polepalli 

Hi, I am working right now on Grant Management module under GP 10 using the add on .net tools, but actually I do not have any experience in GP, so this my first project with GP customization and I have some questions if you can help me please:

 1- If I need to create a new database table should I create them using sql server 2005 management studio or there is different way

2- Can I use the security modules in the GP 10.

3- I need to generate Microsoft word documents based on the predefined templates( the information for this document will be filled at run time)

4- Is it possible to implement access level per item.

Please if you can advice or help. Thanks in advance. Bashar

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