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I've downloaded the VS Tools SDK for GP 10 and when trying to install I get an error ".Net Framework 2.0 not detected." and installation aborts.  I've tried on two separate computers and same thing happens.  I don't know what the issue is since I know that I have 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 (v2.0.50727 via sp1) and 3.0 installed on my machine.  Any though why I can't get this installed?  Thanks.


Hello Support Team

We are submitting the below document to eConnect, and the 'curncyid' and 'currnidx' fields are not getting populated in pop10100 and pop10110. However, a manually keyed doc works just fine. Can you help?

Many thanks in advance.

 I'm fairly new to eConnect and am trying to get a POP receipt with serial number to work. My code (below) works if there are no serial numbers associated with the line item . However, I recieve this eConnect error when I try to add serial numbers:

 Sql procedure error codes returned: Error Number = 3791  Stored Procedure taPopRcptSerialInsert  Error Description = Required input parameter contains an empty value in the taPopRcptSerialInsert stored procedure Node Identifier Parameters: taPopRcptSerialInsert                               POPRCTNM = REC_001693_25 ITEMNMBR = PP1000SE PCI SERLTNUM = 100012155633256 RCPTLNNM = 0   <taPopRcptSerialInsert><POPRCTNM>REC_001693_25</POPRCTNM><ITEMNMBR>PP1000SE PCI</ITEMNMBR><SERLTNUM>100012155633256</SERLTNUM><RCPTLNNM>0</RCPTLNNM></taPopRcptSerialInsert>

Private Sub LoadReceivings()

Dim ReceiptHeaderTableAdapter As New dsReceivingsTableAdapters.ReceiptHeaderTableAdapter

Dim ReceiptHeaderTable As New dsReceivings.ReceiptHeaderDataTable

Dim ot As String = ""



'Set order counter

intReceiptCount = ReceiptHeaderTable.Rows.Count

'List the number of orders that will be processed

For Each ReceiptHeaderRow As DataRow In ReceiptHeaderTable.Rows


'set the current row number

intReceiptCurrentRow = intReceiptCurrentRow + 1

'Get the Recievings ref number

If Not IsDBNull(ReceiptHeaderRow.Item("POPRCTNM")) Then strPOPRCTNM = ReceiptHeaderRow.Item("POPRCTNM").ToString

strBachNumb = ReceiptHeaderRow.Item("BachNumb").ToString

Dim ReceiptDetailAdapter As New dsReceivingsTableAdapters.ReceiptLineTableAdapterDim ReceiptDetailTable As New dsReceivings.ReceiptLineDataTable

ReceiptDetailAdapter.FillByPOPRCTNM(ReceiptDetailTable, strPOPRCTNM)

intNumLines = ReceiptDetailTable.Rows.Count - 1

If intNumLines > -1 Then

ReDim LineItems(intNumLines)

intCurrentLine = 0

'loop through the line items for this receipt

For Each ReceiptDetailRow As DataRow In ReceiptDetailTable.Rows

'Get the item number

strITEMNMBR = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("ITEMNMBR").ToString()

strVENDORID = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("VENDORID").ToString

strVNDITNUM = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("VNDITNUM").ToString

intQTYSHPPD = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("QTYSHPPD")

strUOFM = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("UOFM").ToString

fltUnitCost = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("UnitCost").ToString

intNonInven = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("NonInven").ToString

strLOCNCODE = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("LOCNCODE").ToString

strPONUMBER = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("PONUMBER").ToString

intINVINDX = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("INVINDX").ToString

strVENDNAME = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("VENDORID").ToString

intPOLNENUM = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("POLNENUM").ToString

strVNDITDSC = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("VNDITDSC").ToString

strITEMDESC = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("ITEMDESC").ToString

intItmTrKop = ReceiptDetailRow.Item("ItmTrKop").ToString


If intItmTrKop = 2 Then

Dim ReceiptSerialAdapter As New dsReceivingsTableAdapters.ReceiptSerialNumbersTableAdapter

Dim ReceiptSerialTable As New dsReceivings.ReceiptSerialNumbersDataTable

Dim ReceiptFullSerialAdapter As New dsReceivingsTableAdapters.TPG10201TableAdapterDim ReceiptFullSerialTable As New dsReceivings.TPG10201DataTable

ReceiptSerialAdapter.FillBy(ReceiptSerialTable, strITEMNMBR, strPOPRCTNM)

intNumSerials = ReceiptSerialTable.Rows.Count - 1

If intNumSerials > -1 Then

ReDim SerialNumbers(intNumSerials)

Dim SERLTNUM As String = ""

Dim FullSerialNumber As String = ""

For Each SerialDetailRow As DataRow In ReceiptSerialTable.Rows

SERLTNUM = SerialDetailRow.Item("SERLTNUM").ToString

FullSerialNumber = SerialDetailRow.Item("FullSerialNumber").ToString

BuildSerialNumbers(strPOPRCTNM, strITEMNMBR, intCurrentLine, SERLTNUM)

ReceiptFullSerialAdapter.Insert(strITEMNMBR, SERLTNUM, FullSerialNumber)


ReDim Preserve Receivings.taPopRcptSerialInsert_Items(intNumSerials)

Receivings.taPopRcptSerialInsert_Items = SerialNumbers

End If

End If

intCurrentLine = intCurrentLine + 1


ReDim Preserve Receivings.taPopRcptLineInsert_Items(intNumLines)

Receivings.taPopRcptLineInsert_Items = LineItems


'build the order header


'Add the header node to the transaction type object

Receivings.taPopRcptHdrInsert = ReceiptHdr



If bolReceiptImportError = False Then

'If update is checked, update the data

ReceiptDetailAdapter.UpdateQuery(1, Date.Now, strErrDesc, Current.Session("UserName"), strPOPRCTNM)


ReceiptDetailAdapter.UpdateQuery(0, Date.Now, strErrDesc, Current.Session("UserName"), strPOPRCTNM)End If



'End If

bolReceiptImportError = False

End If



'reset counters

intReceiptSuccessCount = 0

intReceiptCurrentRow = 0

End Sub

 Kevin Vogler


I am a  GP newbie.

I used EConnect 10 to transfer my purchase orders in to GP as Sales Document. After sending, I can see my orders in Sales\Enquiry\Sales Document.

I don't know how to create Invoices from my orders?

Please help me.

Thanks and regards


Hi everybody, please help me

 I am writting an intergration application with Great Plains version 10.0


Here is my flow:

1. I collected my purchase orders and used Econnect 10 to send to GP sales documents. After sending, I can see my order at Sales\Enqury\Sales Documents.

2.In GP 10 enviroment, I tried to post my sales orders to Sales Invoices. I do not use Invoicing Transaction because of this reason below

3. After posting Sales Invoices, I used  Econnect Requester 10 again to import  Sales Invoices to my system.

The problem is: As I knew,  sales order, sales Invoice, Fullfillment order, back order are stored in same table (SOP10100). After creating Invoice, SONUMBE column is used to store new InvoiceNumber? How can I get original number Sales Order ID?

Thanks and best regards

Hoang Pham 


System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server was unable to process request. ---> System.Exception: Transaction manager has canceled the distributed transaction.

   at Mycompany.Service1.send(String strDb, String strDoc) in C:\projects\Svc\Srvc\Service1.asmx.vb:line 67
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---


One of my customers did a database restore on a server that was working normally, I'm searching for the cause of this...




I am using econnect for inserting vendor information into GreatPlain .  The code segment is shown below


string strconnstring = "Data Source=;Initial Catalog=TWO;User ID=sa;password=password-1;Integrated Security=SSPI;
Persist Security Info=False;"


string strdataxml = "<econnect><taUpdateCreateVendorRcd><VENDORID>110TE001</VENDORID><VENDNAME>110 Technology</VENDNAME><VENDSHNM>110 Technology</VENDSHNM><VNDCHKNM>110 Technology</VNDCHKNM><HOLD>1</HOLD><VENDSTTS>1</VENDSTTS><VNDCLSID>F</VNDCLSID>

<TXIDNMBR></TXIDNMBR><TEN99TYPE>1</TEN99TYPE></taUpdateCreateVendorRcd><taCreateVendorAddress ><VENDORID>110TE001</VENDORID><ADRSCODE>PRIMARY</ADRSCODE><VNDCNTCT>AR</VNDCNTCT><ADDRESS1>27 Technology Way</ADDRESS1><ADDRESS2>Millyard Technology Park</ADDRESS2><COUNTRY>UNITED STATES OF AMERICA</COUNTRY><CITY>Nashua</CITY><STATE>New Hampshire</STATE><ZIPCODE>03060-3245</ZIPCODE><PHNUMBR1>(999) 999-9999</PHNUMBR1></taCreateVendorAddress ></econnect>"




eConnectMethods econnectinstance = new Microsoft.GreatPlains.eConnect.eConnectMethods();

econnectinstance.eConnect_EntryPoint(strconnstring, Microsoft.GreatPlains.eConnect.

EnumTypes.ConnectionStringType.SqlClient, strdataxml, Microsoft.GreatPlains.eConnect.EnumTypes.SchemaValidationType.None, "");


catch (Exception ex)


string strex = ex.ToString();


I am getting the exception The stored procedure 'VENDORID' doesn't exist. Can anybody help on this?

thanks in advance




I'm getting an error when I try to process a large amount(it works for 2400 records ) in GL Transaction through to eConnect.  eConnect is kicking out the 
following error "distributed transaction completed. either enlist this session in a new transaction econnect or the null transaction"


Any body know the reason? please help me.



How to manipulate the following tag values in taPMTransactionInsert(since the values are unique)







Pramodh C


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