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phamdachoang 5/20/2008 5:03:17 AM

How to import GP 10 Sales Invoice?

Hi everybody, please help me

 I am writting an intergration application with Great Plains version 10.0


Here is my flow:

1. I collected my purchase orders and used Econnect 10 to send to GP sales documents. After sending, I can see my order at Sales\Enqury\Sales Documents.

2.In GP 10 enviroment, I tried to post my sales orders to Sales Invoices. I do not use Invoicing Transaction because of this reason below

3. After posting Sales Invoices, I used  Econnect Requester 10 again to import  Sales Invoices to my system.

The problem is: As I knew,  sales order, sales Invoice, Fullfillment order, back order are stored in same table (SOP10100). After creating Invoice, SONUMBE column is used to store new InvoiceNumber? How can I get original number Sales Order ID?

Thanks and best regards

Hoang Pham 


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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