i am attempting to create a/r transactions that include analytic distributions via econnect. 
the taRMTransaction successfully creates the transaction.
four taRMDistribution transactions successfully create the accounting distribution records for the transaction.
two taAnalyticsDistribution transactions return as successful, but the analytics distributions are not assigned to the account in question.  i have verified that dimension codes exist and appropriate permissions are granted - in fact, i can use GP UI to view the receivables transaction (just created by my interface) and assign the dimension codes to the accounts.

has anyone used taAnalyticsDistribution?  is there any trick to it?
elements i am sending are DOCNMBR, DOCTYPE, ACTNUMST, aaTrxDim, aaTrxDimCode, and UpdateIfExists=1.  among the many combinations/ permutations i've tried are setting AMOUNT or leaving it null, setting SEQNUMBR in the taRMdistribution entries and using the corresponding values for DistSequence in taAnalytics.

any suggestions or advice is more than appreciated.



I'd like to be able to add customization in GP 10 windows/forms much like Microsoft did with their workflow where they added real estate to the right side of the dex form.  Is this possible/provided through VS Tools? 


Hi Guys,

Have you ever encountered GPaddin forms not centering even if you already set the property to centerscreen? Does anybody encountered this also or it's just me? If so, does anybody know how to resolve this issue?

Hi , Can you give me more detail regarding Dag.exe and how it is used. I read the manual and suffice it to say the explanation is lacking. Can you give us a brief or maybe not so brief explanation on how you use it. For example I've a Alternate window in GP, Lets say Customer Maintenance Form and I've added a new field which I named Email. Where do the Dag.exe come in. Sorry for the seemingly dumb question, because my team is new to this tool.


Hello.  First, I wanted to say great site!

I'm just getting started with eConnect and am trying to work through the examples in the eConnect Programmer's Guide and Reference.  Specifically, I am working on the eConnectOut Serialization Example.  I am able to get it working if I create a VB project, but cannot get it to work for C# (I only know C#).  I have been able to convert pretty much the entire code to C# except for the 'ReDim Preserve' statement.  Since there isn't an equivalent statement in C#, I have no idea how to go about converting it from VB.  I have googled it and worked through many suggestions on how to convert it without any luck.  It's probably something simple, but I cannot figure it out and was hoping someone here could shed a little insight.  Any help or information you could provide would be extremely helpful.  I will post the entire code below for your reference, but I will highlight the section I am having trouble with.  Thank you so much in advance!

Imports System
Imports System.Xml
Imports System.Xml.Serialization
Imports System.IO
Imports System.EnterpriseServices
Imports System.Text
Imports Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect
Imports Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.Serialization
Module Module1
    Sub Main()
        Dim serializer As New XmlSerializer(GetType(eConnectType))
        Dim eConnect As New eConnectType()
        Dim eConnectouttype As New RQeConnectOutType()
        Dim eConnectOut As New eConnectOut()
        Dim entrypoint As New eConnectMethods()
        Dim requesterDoc As String
        Dim sConnectionString As String
            'Populate the eConnectOut object to specify the data request
            With eConnectOut
                .DOCTYPE = "Customer"
                .OUTPUTTYPE = 1
                .INDEX1FROM = "AARONFIT0001"
                .INDEX1TO = "AARONFIT0001"
                .FORLIST = 1
            End With
            'Create an XML document for the request
            eConnectouttype.eConnectOut = eConnectOut
            ReDim Preserve eConnect.RQeConnectOutType(0)
            eConnect.RQeConnectOutType(0) = eConnectouttype
            'Serialize the eConnect object to a memory stream
            Dim memStream As New MemoryStream()
            serializer.Serialize(memStream, eConnect)
            memStream.Position = 0
            'Use the memory stream to load an Xml document
            Dim xmlDoc As New XmlDocument()
            'Create a connection string to Microsoft Dynamics GP
            sConnectionString = "data source=MyServer;" _
                & "initial catalog=TWO; integrated security=SSPI;" _
                & "persist security info=False; packet size=4096"
            'Request the data from the server
            requesterDoc = entrypoint.eConnect_Requester(sConnectionString, _
                EnumTypes.ConnectionStringType.SqlClient, xmlDoc.OuterXml)
            'Write the customer XML to a file
            Dim fs As New FileStream("Customer.xml", FileMode.Create)
            Dim writer As New StreamWriter(fs, New UTF8Encoding)
        Catch exp As eConnectException
        Catch ex As System.Exception
            Debug.Write(ex.Message & vbCrLf & ex.StackTrace)
        End Try
    End Sub
End Module

Hello everyone. Let me preface this by saying that until today, I have no real experience using Visual Studio or coding in C#. I do have a fairly large background in programming though, so don't worry about that.

The business needs of my company changed recently, and we need to help out some of our Dynamics GP users usability-wise. One such improvement that they've been asking for is a way for a document's notes (if already attached) to open as soon as they open it in the Sales Transaction Entry form.

Using the examples provided in the Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP Programmer's Guide, I've been able to figure out how to open a Note form when a user opens the Sales Transaction Entry form. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to open notes that have already been attached to the document. I've looked through what seems like a billion properties using Visual Studio's IntelliSense, but I can't seem to make any sense of it.

If anyone has any ideas, please share. Thanks in advance.


Has anyone managed to successfully create a multi-currency transaction using the PMTransaction schema when you need to also pass in the distributions.

It always seems to put my originating amounts into the functional amount fields and therefore the document will never post in GP.

This is for GP10 by the way...

Fabrikam Sample:

<!-- payables invoice creation with taxes, MC, and has Freight and Mics Charges -->
<eConnect xmlns:dt="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:datatypes">
            <PYMTRMID>Due 20th</PYMTRMID>
            <TRXDSCRN>Multi-Currency Test</TRXDSCRN>



I inhereted a botched and poorly written integration using eConnect 10 for RM invoices / credit memos and PM invoices / credit memos.  I've got it working now, but so far there is one remaining error that is a little puzzling.

In the most recent incident, while trying to import an RM invoice, eConnect returns an error 190 indicating that the RM invoice document number already exists.  Two weird things:

1) The document number does not already exist in GP

2) The document info that eConnect is returning in the error is not the document that is being imported

I have had situations long ago where there was an error in the document (perhaps the distributions were bad), but eConnect returned a different error that was not technically correct.  But at that time, eConnect was at least referring to the correct document and returning proper document info.  But this situation with the wrong document info seems a little too odd to blame on eConnect.

So I can only think of two theories:

1) eConnect has gone haywire for some reason and is returning invalid error info

2) More likely: There is a bug in the integration such that the integration is sending the wrong invoice info to eConnect--while it logs one doc number, it is actually sending a completely different doc number.

Given how the code was written, I would not be surprised if #2 was the case, but when 9 out of 10 invoices import fine, and one invoice just won't import, I can't yet imagine how the code could be doing something like that.  And even harder to believe, when it attempts to import just the one invoice that failed, eConnect still returns different invoice info in the error, which seems completely bizarre.

I'll be running a trace to see what the actual doc variables and XML are that are being passed to eConnect, but just wondering if anyone has had an experience where eConnect returns an error code that was not the actual error, or returns document info that does not match what was passed.


Here is some example code that will show how to take an XMLDocument and see if a particular node exists. If not, we need to add the node.



     First i just want to thank you all because lots of the posts in this forum have helped me alot so far.  I am currently working on a senior project at Penn State that requires me to work with dynamics GP 10.  I am trying to create an add in that interfaces with an RFID reader to read in product tags and then automatically gives info to dynamics.  I am trying to populate the receivings transaction window with data.  I can automatically fill out all the data and the form and post just fine, the only problem is that i can only do this with one item.  When i try to add an additional row to the linescroll it does not work.  What happens is the first one goes in fine, then i insert new row again and put in the information for the next item, which seems to work fine but as soon as you refocus on the linescroll or allow the window to refresh all the data for the second item just disappears.  I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas or knew how to deal with this linescroll in order to add another row.  Also if i insert a new row then click in the new row then insert the next item it works as well so there is some step or steps between adding the first row and inserting another that i am missing, some sort of validation or something.  Any help is much appreciated : )  Thank you.


I'm getting this error from Econnect:


 - Sql procedure error codes returned:
Error Number = 712  Stored Procedure taRMTransaction  Error Description = Tax amount (TAXAMNT) does not equal tax details in RM10601
Node Identifier Parameters: taRMTransaction                                   
DOCNUMBR = 999-99999-112007-R2
DOCDATE = 03-12-2008
BACHNUMB = GEM200711013600
CUSTNMBR = 999-99999
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taRMTransaction                                   
TAXAMNT = 1892.73000




I've checked, and in my xml I'm sending econnect the taxamnt fields have the same number, so I don't think it's the xml I'm sending econnect.  Also it only happens on 2 customers and works fine on others.  Is there something I'm missing?



 I am using IVInventoryTransactionType schema to create new skus and im getting the following errors:

526 taUpdateCreateItemRcd - UOM Price is  missing                                                                                                    

584 taUpdateCreateItemRcd  - Unable to default the Quantity in Base Unit of measurement

Am i missing any settings? 

I would appreciate any help.



 Hi here,

I am using Visual Studio Tool to do integration with Ms Dynamic GP 10.0.

My problem is, in side [Dynamics.Forms.PmTransactionEntryDistribution.PmTransactionEntryDistribution.DistributionScroll]
I try to populate value of [AccountNumberString] field by using the following code:
AccountNumberString.Value = "400-652-000";

but I still not see this string in the Account column. Anyone could help me out please.

Thank you


PS: One more thing, anyone know how to populate multiple rows? 

Hi there,

I am using Visual Studio Tool. I have a problem that I am not be able to  debug the code. What I have done is:

  1. I build my assembly for Debug (Set configuration solution to "Debug")
  2. Copy the assembly to Add-in folder
  3. Run Dynamics GP 10.0
  4. Put break-point in Visual Studio and attach process.
  5. Navigate to the Dynamics GP window (the point I wrote the code for)
  6. I saw message I wrote, but I did not get any thing in my break-point

Anybody have solution, regarding this this problem? Thank you very much in advance.


We are integrating a financial database from a custom build program via E-Connect 10 to Great Plains Dynamics 10.0.  Thus we are generating invoices/return/payments etc in large volumes.  What I would like to know, can e-connect utilize the auto-apply feature in GP (A/P transactions) so that users do not have to settle each transactions one-by-one?  Any advice you can share would be hugely appreciated. 


Hi there,

I remembered that we can get User profiles such as: User Name, Database connection, etc.. in VBA
I am not sure whether we can get this kind of information, if we use Visual studio tool?

Thank you very much, I appreciated with all your answers.


This is the class that we put into every VS Tools application to retrieve general user data, including username, password, and a connection to the database
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