Lisa 4/23/2010 1:22:47 PM

eConnect taPopEnterMatchInvHdrPOP error: "No Freight Tax Schedule" but using Base On Vendor

I'm sharing this error - I submitted it to MS eConnect team and it does seem to be a bug with eConnect and they plan on fixing this.  Version of eConnect.

Getting same error for Miscellaneous taxes that's set up as Base on Vendor.

When it's Base on Vendor, there isn't a tax schedule assigned to
Freight. It uses all the tax details within the invoice-level tax
schedule to calculate the default taxes.  I even forced the setting of
the tax schedule and it still gave me this error. I then changed the tax
option to Taxable for freight and picked the same tax schedule as on the
invoice and then it worked. My guess is that something is up with Base
On Vendor.

Main parts of error:
Failed to transfer invoice to Great Plains - System.Exception: Sql
procedure error codes returned:
Error Number = 4807  Stored Procedure taPopEnterMatchInvHdr  Error
Description = No Freight Tax schedule, but a freight tax value was
passed in
Node Identifier Parameters: taPopEnterMatchInvHdr

Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taPopEnterMatchInvHdr
FRTTXAMT = 0.08000

My eConnect.xml file is at bottom of this corrrespondence.


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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