gijeet 1/14/2010 4:42:27 PM

HELP! Error Number = 9177 Stored Procedure taSopLineIvcInsert

 Hello, I'm getting a 9177 error:

Stored Procedure taSopLineIvcInsert

Error Description = Currency/Price Level/UofM combination is not included in price list for this item

Prior to bringing in the SOP document I create new items via IVItemMasterType.  I can create the item without error but the SOP doc thows the 9177 error.  So I believe I'm not setting something with I create the document.  I've enclosed the IVItemMasterType document here:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<eConnect xmlns="dt=urn:schemas-microsoft-com:datatypes">
  <IVItemMasterType xmlns="">
      <ConnectionString>Data Source=localhost;
         Initial Catalog=TWO;Integrated Security=SSPI</ConnectionString>
      <ITEMNMBR>Green Widget 1</ITEMNMBR>
      <ITEMDESC>Green Widget 1</ITEMDESC>

 I'm not sure what else I need to set to create the Currency/Price Level/UofM combination.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance





Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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