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kretek 5/17/2018 11:58:17 AM

aGetPurchReceiptNextNumber Error

Hoping you can help out with this. We are getting an error that is happening more and more, its locking up the receipt creation. I’ve researched the error and tried a couple of fixes that DYN has recommended but it’s still happening.


I can go into GP and increment it and that sometimes seems to work or go into the receiving transaction screen and try to get the next po number which will fail and say the same error as below but then it will work the next time after a long increment pause.


This is the error in the log and when its happening with econnect stored procedure of getting the next po number when trying to get it from .Net


Action: Service GetNextPOPReceiptNumber Current User Name: KRETEK2\eConnectService Input parameters: Exception type: System.ApplicationException Exception message: Source Procedure: taGetPurchReceiptNextNumber Error Number: 7903 Error Description: Unable to increment next document number from Purchasing Setup Table (POP40100) after 1000 attempts

Version: GP 2015, GP 2013
Section: .NET Development, eConnect