bpaquin 2/3/2011 2:26:56 PM

Salesperson not sticking on SOP Line Item

Hello all,

I'm currently migrating an Integration Manager process to one that uses eConnect like the rest of our integrations (GP10, eConnect10).

I've been fighting with some default requirements that eConnect requires, but Integration Manager didn't.  For example, IM doesnt require the Unit of Measure to be defaulted, but eConnect does.  Luckily eConnect would display the error to point me straight to the UofM as the issue.

Now however i'm now faced with not being able to set the Salesperson and Sales Territory (just DEFAULT) on the line item.  Below is the XML i'm using.  There is no error from eConnect, and the invoice & lines do get inserted, however these fields are blank on the "Sales Item Detail Entry" screen.

I've tried using a newly created salesperson, and i've traced eConnect to the taSopLineIvcInsert stored proc, but since its encrypted i cant see why it cant locate and set the Salesperson.

Has anyone else experienced any problems like this before?  Any other ideas on places to look?

Thanks for your help!
Version: GP 10
Section: eConnect

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