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stanley1271 9/9/2009 8:56:08 AM

How-To eConnect???

So this is more of a rant and a question all in one post here. My issue at this point is how to find the XML in eConnect to do certain things. I know this stems from my not being very familiar with eConnect and GP, but in most cases in my programming career I have been able to read the docs and figure things out. However with GP and eConnect I find myself at a loss as the eConnect docs do not actually say anything useful to me.

So I have the eConnect10 SDK and I have read through (several times now) the eConnectProgrammersGuide.chm and the eConnectInstallAdminGuide.pdf that came with the SDK. I have also read through the cert stuff (eConnect Programmers's Guide Release 10.0 and eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP10.0). After all of this and any blog and/or website posting, I am still at a loss on how to get something that in my opinion, should be easy to do.

I need to be able to post transactions for checks that we write out to our agents as their commission checks. The writing of the actual check will take place in code I have written already. Currently we post to a simple table that has a Positive (agent statement) and an offsetting negative (agent check). Now as I understand how accounting systems work, this is simple and not the proper way to do this, but this is how these tables must remain. Since this is not adequate for our accounting staff we are wanting to utilize GP to keep track of this information. This should allow us to balance the books easier and do things like 1099s with ease.

 So what I *have* figured out or at least believe I should be doing is:

  1. Create an Invoice (this will act as the positive or agent statement entry), so that we can Debit the Expense account and Credit the vendor account. 
  2. Create a Manual Check (this will act as the negative or agent check entry), so that we can now Debit the vendor account and Credit the cash account.

So what I thought I should be doing is using the taPMTransactionInsert from eConnect to solve #1 above. However, this does not seem to work the same as the GP forms do. When we create a Transaction Entry in GP we can then go to the General Ledger Batch and post it. Where as my taPMTransactionInsert is in the Purchasing Batch. My guess is I am using the wrong XML, which is where my rant above comes from. How am I to know which XML is to be used? And once I figure out step #1 above will the taPMManualCheck be the right transaction for #2?

Am I missing something big in the docs? Is there another resouce that I am missing?

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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