philip zhu 5/19/2021 5:55:57 PM

MR account balances only shows current year

Hi there another question about MR...

on our balance sheet, there's one column for current year (YEAR 2021) and one column for previous year (YEAR 2020), and there's a column called "variance", which is calculated by YEAR 2021 minus YEAR 2020. However, for account like accounts receivable, the YEAR 2021 only shows the total for transactions occurred in 2021. therefore this amount does not match the result run from the reports --> sales --> "historical trial balance" in GP. I.e., the result from GP shows the grand total from all the years, but MR only shows 1 year. 

if the user wants to see that amount matching the GP trial balance, what shall i do to achieve that?

thank you very much!




Version: GP 2015
Section: Management Reporter

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