AMStewartQ 5/7/2021 6:19:49 PM

eConnect Error

I am trying to create AP invoices for open transactions from outside of GP.  I did the same thing for AR, and I had no issues.  Typically I create the tax portion (taPMTransactionTaxInsert), the distribution (taPMDistribution) and then the main transaction (taPMTransactionInsert.)  The first two work fine, but for the main transaction I get this error.  I've attached spreadsheet content that contains a section showing PM10000, PM10100 and PM10500 records for a transaction entered via the GP UI (00000000000000043) which worked fine.  The second transaction (00000000000000100) is listed also, but since I can't show the PM10000 record I put in its place the parameters being passed to taPMTransactionInsert.

I don't see the issue, so perhaps someone here might have the answer.  Thanks for any assistance.

eConnect Error ErrorCode SourceProc ErrorDesc
313 taPMTransactionInsert   Tax table detail does not equal the tax amount

Version: GP 2015
Section: eConnect

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