stanley1271 4/30/2009 2:40:44 PM


I am just starting in GP and I am a VB.NET developer trying to use the VS Tools to build custom apps in GP for our accounting department. Because of our system being already set up outside of GP I need to create custom apps just to add data not only in GP, but also in our own databases. This wont be for everything, but will be for this app that I am building now.

My problem isn't in hitting both systems, but instead on how to get my app on a menu. I have been able to get the application to run in GP with the code below, but this is as an additional menu item and not in the right place. I just chose this form because I knew how to get to it easily.

What I would really like is to add some menu items under the Financial system without using Dexterity. Is this possible? If so how? If there is an article out there about it (even written for C#) please point me the way as I cannot find anything that has helped me. At this point I have gotten this far from looking at the sample Freight Estimator.

BTW, we are using version 10 of GP with all SP installed.

Shared entryform As CheckbookLookupForm = Dynamics.Forms.CheckbookLookup
Sub Initialize() Implements IDexterityAddin.Initialize
ManualCheckEntryHandler = New EventHandler(AddressOf OpenManualCheckEntry)
entryform.AddMenuHandler(ManualCheckEntryHandler, "Manual Check Entry", "F")
AddHandler entryform.CloseAfterOriginal, AddressOf GlAccountEntryForm_CloseAfterOriginal
End Sub
Version: GP 10
Section: Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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