NaomiP 4/22/2009 5:49:00 PM

Lotted Items Workflow in Dynamics GP

In order to do any reporting or work with lotted items it's important to understand how the data flows through the tables.  

Lotted item workflow

The item is in IV00101, ITMDRKOP = 3
NOTE: All quantities here are 'each' in IV00300 and SOP10201

On receipt, a line is added to IV00300.
QTYRECEVD = quantity recieved

When a sales order is created:
 the IV00300.ATYALLOC = the sales order amount
 A line is added to SOP10201 for each lot reservation.

When an order is transferred to invoice:
 The line in SOP10201 is updated to refer to the invoice

When an invoice is posted:
 The quantity moves from ATYALLOC to QTYSOLD in IV00300
 The lines for that document REMAIN in SOP10201, but are flagged as POSTED


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Section: Dynamics GP
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