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NaomiP 3/19/2009 4:51:00 PM

Dynamics GP 10 Company Tables

dsFilterJoinView                            dsFilterJoinView               DS10000
dsUnassignedAcctsView                       dsUnassignedAcctsView          DS10100
Multicurrency Posting Definitions Master    MC_Batch_Headers               MC00500
Account Format Setup                        SY_Account_Format_Setup        SY00300
Work Menu Master                            SY_Work_Maintenance_MSTR       SY00400
Posting Definitions Master                  Batch_Headers                  SY00500
Company Location Master                     SY_Location_MSTR               SY00600
Window Notes Master                         SY_Notes_MSTR                  SY00700
Source Document Master                      SY_Source_Document_MSTR        SY00900
Audit Trail Codes                           SY_Transaction_Source_MSTR     SY01000
Posting Account Master                      SY_Posting_Account_MSTR        SY01100
Internet Addresses                          coINetAddrs                    SY01200
Custom Links                                coCustomLinks                  SY01201
Process Monitor Information                 coProcess                      SY01300
User Defaults                               coUserDefaults                 SY01401
Posting Journal Destinations                SY_Posting_Journal_Destination SY02200
Posting Settings                            SY_Posting_Journal_Settings    SY02300
Routines Master                             SY_End_Routines_MSTR           SY02500
End Routines Check Master                   SY_End_Routines_Check_MSTR     SY02800
Shipping Methods Master                     SY_Shipping_Methods_MSTR       SY03000
Credit Card Master                          SY_Credit_Card_MSTR            SY03100
Payment Terms Master                        SY_Payment_Terms_MSTR          SY03300
File Maintenance Error Log                  SY_File_Maintenance_Error_Log  SY03400
Record Notes Master                         SY_Record_Notes_MSTR           SY03900
Comment Master                              SY_Comment_MSTR                SY04200
Internet Address Prompts                    coINetPrompts                  SY04800
Extended Pricing Locks                      coExtPricingLocks              SY05500
Address Electronic Funds Transfer Master    AddressEFT                     SY06000
List Action Status Header                   syListActionStatusHdr          SY07250
List Action Status Line                     syListActionStatusLine         SY07255
Period Setup                                SY_Period_SETP                 SY40100
Period Header                               SY_Period_HDR                  SY40101
Tax Period Setup                            SY_Tax_Period_SETP             SY40102
Tax Period Header                           SY_Tax_Period_HDR              SY40103
Report Group Master                         SY_Group_List_ROPT             SY70100
Series Report Groups                        SY_Group_Names_ROPT            SY70200
Report Option Names                         SY_Report_Names_ROPT           SY70300
Combined Report Groups                      SY_Master_Group_Names_ROPT     SY70400
System Report Options                       SY_Options_ROPT                SY70500
Company Report Options                      SY_Comp_Options_ROPT           SY70501
Report Destination                          SY_Report_Destination          SY70600
SY_User_Object_Store                        SY_User_Object_Store           SY90000
Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Header Master  TX_Schedule_MSTR_HDR           TX00101
Sales/Purchases Tax Schedule Master         TX_Schedule_MSTR               TX00102
Sales/Purchases Tax Master                  TX_Detail_MSTR                 TX00201
Sales/Purchases Tax Summary Master          TX_Detail_MSTR_SUM             TX00202
Sales/Purchases Tax Period Summary          TX_Detail_Period_SUM           TX00203
Tax Rebate                                  taxRebate                      TX20500
Tax History                                 taxHistory                     TX30000
Tax Module Setup                            TX_Module_SETP                 TX40101
VAT_IV_Comm_Code                            VAT_IV_Comm_Code               VAT00200
VAT_ADDR_MSTR                               VAT_ADDR_MSTR                  VAT00300
VAT Tax Comm Code MSTR                      VAT Tax Comm Code MSTR         VAT10000
VAT Country Code MSTR                       VAT Country Code MSTR          VAT10001
VAT Transport Mode MSTR                     VAT Transport Mode MSTR        VAT10002
VAT Transaction Nature MSTR                 VAT Transaction Nature MSTR    VAT10003
Intrastat Maintenance                       syIntrastatMstr                VAT10007
VAT_INTRA_WORK                              VAT_INTRA_WORK                 VAT10302
Account Cache                               coAccountCache                 coAccoun
Period Cache                                coPeriodCache                  coPeriod

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Dynamics GP
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