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NaomiP 2/22/2009 1:53:00 PM

Olympic Project Cost table definitions

Table defs for the Olympic Project cost product. Very nice people, and a world class product.


pc00100 pcSystemMaster
pc00110 pcPeriodMaster
pc00119 pcPeriodMasterTemp
pc00120 pcPeriodYear
pc00130 pcProjectTypeMaster
pc00135 pcProjectSubTypeMaster
pc00140 pcTaskTypeMaster
pc00145 pcTaskSubTypeMaster
pc00150 pcCostCategoryMaster
pc00160 pcCodeMaster
pc00170 pcOverheadCategoryMaster
pc00180 pcOverheadDepartmentMaster
pc00190 pcValuationClassMaster
pc00200 pcProjectMaster
pc00210 pcProjectRates
pc00250 pcBudgetMaster
pc00260 pcAssemblyMaster
pc00270 pcAssemblyUofMMaster
pc00280 pcAssemblyClassMaster
pc00300 pcTaskMaster
pc00380 pcTaskMoveActivity
pc00390 pcTaskMoveTemp
pc00400 pcEmployeeMaster
pc00420 pcEmployeeClassMaster
pc00430 pcCrewMaster
pc00440 pcMinimumWageGroupMaster
pc00450 pcPayCodeDetail
pc00460 pcMinimumWagePayCodeSetup
pc00470 pcCrewMembers
pc00500 pcExplorerNodes
pc00600 pcDepartmentMaster
pc00620 pcPayGroupMaster
pc00625 pcPayGroupPeriod
pc00700 pcImportMaster
pc00710 pcImportFieldMapping
pc00711 pcImportFieldMappingTemp
pc00720 pcImportFieldTranslation
pc00721 pcImportFieldTranslationTemp
pc00751 pcbProjectTemp
pc00752 pcbTaskTemp
pc00753 pcbCostCategoryTemp
pc00754 pcbSubCostCategoryTemp
pc00755 pcbTransactionTemp
pc00841 pcProjectModel
pc00851 pcProjectModelDetail
pc00900 pcPayCodeMaster
pc00910 pcPayCodeUofMMaster
pc10000 pcTransaction
pc10001 pcTransactionTemp
pc10005 pcTransactionImport
pc11000 pcCrewTransactionTemp
pc12000 pcCrewTransactionHist
pc15000 pcBurdenTransactionTemp
pc15200 pcBurdenPostingRatesTemp
pc15400 pcBurdenPostingAccountsTemp
pc15600 pcBurdenGLTransactionTemp
pc16000 pcBurdenTransactionHist
pc20000 pcValuationHist
pc20001 pcValuationTemp
pc20100 pcValuationDetailHist
pc20101 pcValuationDetailTemp
pc20201 pcValuationGLTemp
pc25000 pcBudgetTransaction
pc25001 pcBudgetTransactionTemp
pc25100 pcBudgetBillingDetails
pc26000 pcAssemblyTransaction
pc26001 pcAssemblyTransactionTemp
pc30000 pcPOTransaction
pc30001 pcPOTransactionTemp
pc30100 pcPOReceiptTransaction
pc30101 pcPOReceiptTransactionTemp
pc35000 pcSOPTransaction
pc39000 pcGLReconciliation
pc39001 pcGLReconciliationDetail
pc90100 pcCreateSOP_Trx
pc90200 pcCreatePM_Trx
pc90300 pcCreateUPR_Trx
pc90410 pcPMTransactionWork
pcGLTransactionPri pcGLTransactionPrint
pcPreviousPurchase pcPreviousPurchaseOrders
pcPurchaseOrderPri pcPurchaseOrderPrint
pcSOPTransactionPr pcSOPTransactionPrint
zErrorReport zErrorReport
zPC00900 zReportMaster
zPC00910 zReportOptions
zTmplt1 OlyParentTable1
zpc10000 pcTransactionProcess
Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Dynamics GP
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