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sendow 2/16/2009 6:30:09 PM

eConnect "User Defined" Fields

 Nearly all of the eConnect transaction schemas include 5 "user defined" fields, with the help file saying they are for "developer use only", which has never been terribly explanatory to me.

 I have never used them before, so I'm wondering if anyone has used them, and if they will help me do something.

A client is using a 3rd party tool to send data to eConnect, and they would like to send a few additional fields to populate some of the SOP Header "User Defined" fields.  Because these fields are not available in eConnect taSOPHdrIvcInsert, we're looking for alternatives.

If the client sends data values in the USRDEFND1 - USRDEFND5 nodes, it looks like I should be able to grab the node values in the taSopHdrIvcInsertPost procedure and then insert them into the SOP10106 table to store the SOP User Defined field values.

Anyone know of any issues with this approach?  Or should this work okay?

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect