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sendow 2/11/2009 2:19:27 PM

Modifier w/VBA: Process status indicator / updates

 I have a simple Modifier w/VBA mod where I added a button to a form, and the button calls a VBA script that exports some payroll data to a text file.  Very simple, works fine.

 But the client has alot of payroll, so sometimes the export takes 10-15 seconds, during which you can't tell if the script is working.

 The user, quite reasonably, asked if there was any way to show a status, or an indicator that it is working.

I don't see any option to change the mouse cursor to Busy in GP VBA. With Word, Excel, and Access, mouse cursor changes appear to be proprietary and different with each app, and I don't see any equivalent in the GP VBA.

So then I tried adding a text field to the form to see if I could write out "x of y records exported".  But while the export script Sub is running, no GP window updates occur.  And it appears that there is no equivalent to Form.Refresh, or Application.DoEvents, so the only time the text field gets updated is when the script finishes.

Any other options for status updates I might be missing?

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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