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MEDAVIE1 1/16/2019 8:48:27 AM

VOIDDATE Field in GP Tables doesn't match with VOIDDATE labels on Receivables Screens

I have a question regarding void date in the RM20101 (Open Transactions) Table.

When I go into GP, from "Posted Transactions", select my customer and payment, (Which brings me to the "Receivables Posted Transactions Maintenance" screen, I fill in the field "Void Date" with "January 1st, 2019", and I put "January 3rd, 2019", in the "Posting Date" field.  I then click Void.

Now, when I query the RM20101 Table for that document number, I see the "January 3rd, 2019" appearing in the "VOIDDATE" field.   And the date I entered as the void date, "January 1st, 2019" seems to be appearing in the "DINVPDOF" (Date invoice paid off field).

To make it even stranger, if go into Inquiry -> Transaction By Document, and drill down to my document, there is a field on there called "Date Voided", and it's also showing the proper date of "January 1st, 2019"  

Can anyone explain why this is behaving this way?  Why do the fields on the GP screens have a label of "VOIDDATE", but GP isn't actually storing the value in that "VOIDDATE" field in the table?


Version: GP 2015
Section: Dynamics GP

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