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RamzyEbeid 10/12/2008 11:25:36 AM

VS2005, GP, SDK C#, Saving data in DB from Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.Save() no validation happens

Edit 9/16/15 View the main article for this error here

Dear AllI am working with vs2005, GP10, C#.In Sales Transaction Entry after the user add the header partI want to add the detail part from the Code so this is what I wrote:TableError err1;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.SopType.Value = 1;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.LineItemSequence.Value = 16384;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.SopNumber.Value = "QTEST1045";
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.ItemNumber.Value = "123456";//"3-A2440A";
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.UOfM.Value = "Hour";
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.Qty.Value = 1;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.UnitPrice.Value = 3200000;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.ExtendedPrice.Value = 3200000;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.ItemDescription.Value = "Operating System";
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.LocationCode.Value = "WAREHOUSE";
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.PriceLevel.Value = "RETAIL";
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.PrimaryShiptoAddressCode.Value = "WAREHOUSE";
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.ShippingMethod.Value = "LOCAL DELIVERY";
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.MarkdownAmount.Value = 0;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.UnitCost.Value = 1600000; //check again
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.RequestedShipDate.Value = Convert.ToDateTime("12/04/2017");
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.QtyToInvoice.Value = 0;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.QtyFulfilled.Value = 0;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.QtyCanceled.Value = 0;
Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.QtyToOrder.Value = 1;
err1 = Dynamics.Tables.SopLineWork.Save(); there is no problem with this code it saves data and I can retrieve the data entred in the detailed part agin.The problem is the above code dose not validated at allIf for example I typed item number: 123456 which is not exsits at all then I don’t have any error at all same idea with the UOM.


Please advise me if something is missingOr there is something that I can use to add the detail part only from the code behind.


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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