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thruway 11/27/2018 2:30:54 PM

eConnect - Payment Terms Empty After Updating a Purchase Order


I am developing a web-based integration for Dynamics GP 2018 using .NET/MVC/C# and have run into an issue with eConnect. After using the 'UpdateEntity()' eConnect method, some of our Purchase Orders have their 'Payment Terms' values stripped. I have examined the value in the POP10100 table just before and after calling that method so I can safely say that it is not caused by another piece of the integration. I am also certain that we are not somehow setting the Payment Terms to empty. This error occurs even when the <PYMTRMID> Xml node is not included in the Xml passed to the 'UpdateEntity()' method.

I have done some research and compiled a list of Payment Terms values that do get dropped after updating, and others that do not.

Payment Term values that DO get dropped:

0.5%10 Net 25     -     dropped
0.5%25 Net 30     -     dropped
0.5%Net 10        -     dropped
1.5%10 Net 30     -     dropped
1.5%net 20        -     dropped

Payment Term values that do NOT get dropped:

1.5% 10 Net 45    -     not dropped
1%10 Net 30      -     not dropped
1%10 NET 60     -     not dropped
33% down / net 30     -    not dropped
2% 35 ,Net 45      -     not dropped
2%10Net45      -      not dropped

I have not been able to identify a clear reason as to why some values do get removed and others do not. I have compared the 'SY03300' records and nothing stands out there either.

Anyone have any ideas?

Version: GP 2015
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP, eConnect

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