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Finding the most recent date

Need some SQL help here....

I have a table with the following columns: 

ItemNumber,   BinLocation, TransactionDateandTime

There are multiple entries in this table, based on what happens with Inventory.


Item         Bin          Date and Time stamp

123456    LOC A     2018-10-01 07:23:13.397

123456    LOC B     2018-11-06  10:19:01.540

123456    LOC C    2018-10-30  08:22:00.770

111222    LOC O   2018-11-07  06:54:45.373

111222    LOC P   2018-11-03   06:12:59.067



I want the record for each item with the most recent date to be extracted into another table I'm using for a Smartlist.

Desired result:

123456    LOC B     2018-11-06  10:19:01.540

111222    LOC O    2018-11-07  06:54:45.373



Version: GP 2015
Section: SQL Scripts

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