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Lilly Allison 9/19/2018 4:18:56 PM

serialized kit components

So here is my problem. I am using C#.NET. We have serialized items in some of our kits and I am trying to fulfill these orders using eConnect. The taSopLineIvcInsertComponent object does not have a serial number property so I can't fulfill them that way. I tried using taSopSerial and I am able to pass a serial number in, but as soon as my kit tries to fulfill it's items, it will autoallocate a serial number. This autoallocation takes place no matter what I have the autoallocateserialnumber flag set. If I attempt to fulfill the serialized item only using the taSopSerial and only process the non-serialized kit components using taSopLineIvcInsertComponent then I'm getting an error stating that I'm not sending an SOPType (which I clearly am.) So, it seems to me that it is wanting that fourth kit item that I am trying to process with taSopSerial. 

My question is this: Is there any example code anywhere that shows how to fulfill a kit that has a serialized component, but will not autoallocate a serial number but allow me to manually pass the serial number? 



Lilly Allison

Version: GP 2015
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP, eConnect

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