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paulchacko 1/24/2018 11:35:34 AM

Need help converting seconds into hours in SQL


I need some help converting seconds into hours in the SQL query below.

select i.itemid as "TicketID",
i.ClosedDateTime as "Closed",
i.totaltime as "Effort", --in seconds, needs to be converted to days, minutes, hours
u.fullname as "Requester",
s.fullname as "Assigned To",
i.ItemOwnerName as "Team",
i.fullincidentrequesttype as "IT Categorization",
i.closetypename as "Resolution Type",
i.divisionname as "Division"

from VCG_IncidentRequest_Grid_View i

inner join VCG_Users u on u.OID=i.requester
inner join vcg_users s on s.OID=i.assignedto

Could someone with SQL skills help please?


Paul Chacko

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: SQL Scripts

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