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Falk0r 1/8/2018 5:49:21 PM

eConnectOut not retrieving all vendors from company

I am currently trying to retrieve all active vendors from a particular company using eConnectOut.  I am able to retrieve a majority of the vendors but some of the newly created vendors are not being exported.


Here is the code I am currently using to do this.  Any information is greatly appreciated.

01.01.eConnectType myEConnectType = new eConnectType();
03.03.// Create a RQeConnectOutType schema object
04.04.RQeConnectOutType myReqType = new RQeConnectOutType();
06.06.// Create an eConnectOut XML node object
07.07.eConnectOut myeConnectOut = new eConnectOut();
09.09.//SETUP: Vendor Name and ID Retrieval
10.10.myeConnectOut.DOCTYPE = "Vendor";
11.11.myeConnectOut.OUTPUTTYPE = 1;
12.12.myeConnectOut.FORLIST = 1;
13.13.myeConnectOut.ACTION = 1;
14.14.myeConnectOut.WhereClause = "VENDSTTS  = 1";
16.16.// Add the eConnectOut XML node object to the RQeConnectOutType schema object
17.17.myReqType.eConnectOut = myeConnectOut;
19.19.// Add the RQeConnectOutType schema object to the eConnect document object
20.20.RQeConnectOutType[] myReqOutType = { myReqType };
21.21.myEConnectType.RQeConnectOutType = myReqOutType;
Version: All
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP, eConnect

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