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questteam 9/14/2017 10:39:24 AM

taIVMultibinBinToBinTransfer Bin_XFer_Doc_Number element


I am developing bin to bin transfer module using econnect. I checked the xml nodes and saw that  taIVMultibinBinToBinTransfer fulfills my requirements.

I mostly understand the elements (inputs) of that node but Bin_XFer_Doc_Number is something that I don't understand. 
According to Microsoft documentation, it is required one, however It also seems like a field which is a primary key of a table.(maybe IV30004 ) 

I set a value and It throwed "Transfer Doc Number already exists" error.


When I tried to set a value which is different than the ones stored in IV3004, I got this exception "The conflict occurred in database \"F", table \"dbo.IV30004\", column 'Bin_XFer_Date'.\r\nThe statement has been terminated"


Can somebody help me what information should I pass this field ?

On the other hand, 
Bin_XFer_Date = DateTime.Now.ToString();
is this correct usage for C#.



Version: GP 2013
Section: Dynamics GP, eConnect