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kurtnelle 9/6/2017 5:30:28 PM

DoubleLock error

I have a method in a Dynamics GP Addin. The method is suppose to substitute accounts based on a the client's account pattern. 

When I issue a ChangeNext() command, I get back "DoubleLock" as the return value; but only the second time I issue the command. I understand that this means that I have attempted to lock a record that has already been locked. How do I unlock that record? Issuing Release() on the table prior to executing the command does nothing. How do I unlock a record in GP


private void UpdateInvoiceLineWork(string invoiceNumber, Dictionary < int, int > replacements) {
 if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(invoiceNumber)) {
  IvcLineWorkTable _lineWork = Dynamics.Tables.IvcLineWork;
  _lineWork.Key = 5; //select key group five, which allows us to use just the invoice number
  _lineWork.InvoiceNumber.Value = invoiceNumber;
  _lineWork.InvoiceNumber.Value = invoiceNumber;
  TableError _result = _lineWork.ChangeFirst();
  if (_result == TableError.NoError) {
   do {
    string _itemNumber = _lineWork.ItemNumber.Value;
    if (replacements.ContainsKey(_lineWork.CostOfSalesIndex.Value)) {
     _lineWork.CostOfSalesIndex.Value = replacements[_lineWork.CostOfSalesIndex.Value];
    _result = _lineWork.ChangeNext();
   while (_result == TableError.NoError);

Version: GP 2015
Section: .NET Development

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