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paulchacko 8/30/2017 11:52:03 AM

PO Number in Receivings Transactions SmartList

Hi everyone,

There is a report in GP SmartList under Purchasing [Receivings Transactions] based on the SQL View called 'ReceivingsTransactions'

What I am trying to do is add the PONUMBER field to this report by editing the view. However, the POP10300 does not seem to have a PONUMBER field in there. I could connect POP10310 but then I get multiple lines for the same receipt.

Any thoughts as to how I can accomplish this task?


Paul Chacko

[Note: I fail to understand why PONUMBER is not in the Receiving Header but on the Line Items table - annoyed!]

Version: GP 2013
Section: Dynamics GP, SQL Scripts

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