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ranger 7/17/2017 3:45:31 PM

help inserting attachments to GP2013

Hi all,

Actual questions in bold.  My vp wants a better solution to putting scanned invoices into the system.   currently, they get the invoice, get up, go scan, get the email from the copier, take the pdf out and place into a directory somewhere, attach to notes in GP, and hope nothing got missed along the way (especially from our Africa and Mexico offices)

so I wrote a quick little app that will handle the scanning and attaching, eliminating a few steps.  my app does scan, allows naming right there.  my next step is getting it into gp based on the vendor or  invoice number. 

the tables are CO001xx and CO40100(setup).   However, as I looked at the setup windows for attachments: Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Document Attachment Setup, I see that nothing is filled out in this form.   so does that mean we are only using the old style OLE attachments?

I was talking to my boss (not knowing of the new attach system), that the only way for my scanner app to be of real use is to launch my app from within GP, grab a command-line argument, and do the work......BUT.....reading this article,, it says that the new attachments already support WIA scanners.

I guess I was chasing my tail for a week or so writing a scanning app that didn't need to be written?

Next question, if using the blob way (new way), where does the blob get stored?



Version: GP 2013
Section: .NET Development, Dynamics GP

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