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pooja 6/7/2017 7:11:20 PM

updating facility ID

We have recently updated this client's COA in GP and this company has MEM (Multi entity management) integrated as they are managing multiple entities in one DB. The entities are set as the first segment in the account # -i.e. 02 - 10003 (02 would be entity # and 10003 would be account #). 
When updating their COA, we also changed the first segment of the account, so now 02 is 2005. In GP however, it still recognizes both entities - 02 and 2005. We want it to only show 2005. 

What would be the best way to update the facility numbers? I've heard that it needs to be done in SQL, but specifically which tables need to be updated?

Thank you!

Version: GP 2013
Section: Dynamics GP, eConnect, SQL Scripts

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