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Workflow_Status: when is it updated by GP in PM?

We do  not use GP Workflow for Payables Management... but I'm wondering if the Workflow_Status field in the PM10000, PM20000, and PM30200 tables may be used in our custom integration routines.

That is, we have a custom Payables invoice approval process set up as a SharePoint workflow. When the SharePoint workflow is complete, a payable invoice is approved for payment, and our integration routine takes that invoice off Hold in GP.

What I'm wondering is this: if we also set the Workflow_Status field to 6 (Approved) in our integration routine, might that value be overwritten by GP at some point in its normal operations?

When does GP stick a value in that field if we  don't use the Workflow capability?

I've checked the value of that field in all three tables and they're set to either 9 (Not Activated) or 0.

Any advice?


Steve Erbach
WOW Logistics Company
Appleton, WI


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Dynamics GP, eConnect

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