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Error when trying to do Sales Transaction Entry in GP Sales

I have a user who gets a pop-up error "Your previous transaction-level posting session has not finished processing. Please allow time for it to finish..."  (Please see the screen shot below.)

This error appears when he attempts to use the Sales Transaction Entry function in GP  Sales.

I only see his username in the DYNAMICS  ACTIVITY table - one entry showing he is logged in, but he does not appear in SY00800 or SY05000 tables, where I usually have issues with users "stuck" in batches, etc.

Does anybody know which table he is stuck in?    He is not posting any transactions, has logged out of GP many times, rebooted his system a few times, but nothing helps.  My temporary solution was to assign him a new username so that he can at least view orders.






Version: GP 2010
Section: Dexterity, Dynamics GP, SQL Scripts

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