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arvindpnr 6/16/2008 7:51:29 AM

eConnect Distribution - PMTransactionType - Debit Amount getting doubled.

Hi All,

When am doing an entry for distribution via eConnect code the Debit entry is going as double.

Code Example:

PMTransactionType PAInvoiceEntry = new PMTransactionType();

taPMDistribution_ItemsTaPMDistribution NonPrjDisDebit = new taPMDistribution_ItemsTaPMDistribution();

taPMDistribution_ItemsTaPMDistribution NonPrjDisCredit = new taPMDistribution_ItemsTaPMDistribution();

taPMDistribution_ItemsTaPMDistribution[ NonProjDis = new taPMDistribution_ItemsTaPMDistribution[1];

taPMTransactionInsert PMHeader = new taPMTransactionInsert();


NonPrjDisDebit.DOCTYPE = 1;

NonPrjDisDebit.VCHRNMBR =

NonPrjDisDebit.VENDORID = "00011";

NonPrjDisDebit.DISTTYPE = 6;

NonPrjDisDebit.ACTNUMST = "39701-50";

NonPrjDisDebit.DEBITAMT = 70.25m;

NonProjDis[0] = NonPrjDisDebit;

PAInvoiceEntry.taPMDistribution_Items = NonProjDis;


PMHeader.DOCTYPE = 1;


PMHeader.VCHNUMWK = "10010";

PMHeader.VENDORID = "00011";

PMHeader.DUEDATE = "06/11/2008";


PMHeader.DOCAMNT = 70.25m;



PMHeader.DOCDATE = "06/10/2008";PMHeader.PSTGDATE = "06/10/2008";

PMHeader.PRCHAMNT = 70.25m;

PMHeader.CHRGAMNT = 70.25m;

This code is working fine but only problem is when i check in distribution amount Debit entry is showing as 140.5 $ which id double. what could the reason?

If anyone has faced the same please reply.



Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect

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