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Error Message = "Decimal Places passed in on UNITPRCE does not match setup" for an Item that Does Not Exist


Integration Manager threw up the following error, upon trying to import a noninventory item that does not exist in Item Maintenance:

Decimal Places passed in on UNITPRCE does not match setup.

We aren't registered for Inventory Control in GP 2013 R2 (12.00.1920).  But, we have service items held within the Item Maintenance window.  These are imported through Integration Manager.  Also, we're in a Multicurrency environment, even though the company that this happened in transacts only in Z-US$.  Our currency decimal placement for items is 2, as shown in both Item Currency Maintenance and in Sales Order Processing Setup for noninventory items.

Anyway, the resolution was to create a new service item in Item Maintenance.  You see, Integration Manager was trying to import--again--an item that did not exist in Item Maintenance.  True, Integration Manager indeed had given us an error saying that the item does not exist.

But, why would it also mention a decimal placement error?

To our administrators, this decimal placement error was misleading.  They spent a long time trying to figure out how to fix the decimal placement when, in reality, all that was required was to set up the new item in Item Maintenance.

The administrators told me that they want me to "fix" this error message so that it states what the actual problem is.  I tried telling them that the error messages are not customizable and that they can be misleading.  In any case, they want to know what we can do for faster identification of the real cause for issues preventing Integration Manager from successfully importing.

Any ideas?



Version: GP 2013
Section: Dynamics GP, Integration Manager

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