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mark4yesu 10/5/2016 9:38:24 PM

GP PO Receiving Entry "Purchase Order Line Item does not exist"


I'm writing an econnect import for POP Receiving Transaction Entry in Gp10.

I had it working for a while (purely doing it via SQL) - no XML.

I have recently come accross a situation where the Receipts don't match to the PO line items, but the should!   I'm at my wits end.  I setup a PO and Receipt like i usually do in test and make sure that the PO is in the system (only one line on the PO).  My values are as follows.


PONUMBER = MF10001 (this exists in GP with the one item "2016 BPO")

POLNENUM = 16348 (and it matches the ORD number on the PO for the same line item.


VNDITNUM = "2016 BPO" (noninventory number) - used to work with this value blank also.

UOFM = "Each" like on PO

*** Unit Cost DOES NOT Equal Unit Cost on the PO.  there is a difference.  Is this the culprit?

I get the error message taError code 2053:  Purchase Order Line Item does not exist."   but it does!

If anyone can assist... I am using the [taPopRcptLineInsert] proc. and I looked at the other posts here that show how to use the POLNENUM as a multiple of 16348.  

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot are welcome.


Version: GP 10
Section: Dynamics GP, eConnect, SQL Scripts

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