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Joe Cogan 7/16/2007 12:30:50 PM

Payroll Transactions using eConnect

Good afternoon!

Has anyone had success with creating payroll transactions using eConnect?  We are trying to use the taCreatePayrollBatchHeaderInsert and  taCreateComputerCheckLineInsert nodes to accomplish this.  The Payroll Batch Header record is working properly but we're confused on the Computer Check Line columns:

  • UPRTRXCD (UPR Transaction Code):  This column is required but doesn't explain what should be entered here.  Any ideas?

  • TRXHRUNT (Transaction Hours/Units):  This column is required if we pass in certain pay codes.  However, we can't determine where to pass in the pay code.  (There's no "PAYCODE" field that we can find.)

For reference, the MSDN XML Node Reference page is located at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa973977.aspx.  We're using eConnect version 9.0

Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!!

Joe Cogan
Real Time Intelligence, Inc.

Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: eConnect