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eConnect XML Error



So I managed to get a working eConnect solution in dev, have deployed to live and am getting the following validation error:


eCONNECT VALIDATION ERROR: Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.eConnectException: Sql procedure error codes returned: 

Error Number = 4612  Stored Procedure= taPopRcptLineInsert  Error Description = Invalid Account Index
Node Identifier Parameters: taPopRcptLineInsert
POPRCTNM = R000033
ITEMNMBR = Laynards x 30
Related Error Code Parameters for Node : taPopRcptLineInsert
INVINDX = Note: This parameter was not passed in, no value for the parameter will be returned.


   at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect.eConnectMethods.CreateEntity(String ConnectionString, String sXML)
   at RemoteServerTest.Program.PostXMLToDynamics()



Ihave attempted to add the INVINDX to the eConnect object, but for some reason this parameter does not serialise



My C# is 




                //Invoice Header Details
                invoiceHeader.POPRCTNM = invoice.SupplierDocumentNumber;    //receipt number placeholder
                invoiceHeader.POPTYPE = 3;                                  //Shipping/invoice
                invoiceHeader.VNDDOCNM = invoice.InvoiceNumber;             //invoice number
                invoiceHeader.CURNCYID = "GBP";                             //currency defaults to GBP
                invoiceHeader.TAXSCHID = invoice.TaxSchedule;               //Tax Code
                invoiceHeader.receiptdate = invoice.InvoiceDate.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");
                invoiceHeader.USINGHEADERLEVELTAXES = 2;
                invoiceHeader.AUTOCOST = 1;
                invoiceHeader.BACHNUMB = batchNumberPlaceHolder;

                oPOPReceivingsType.taPopRcptHdrInsert = invoiceHeader;

                //Invoice lines

                oPOPReceivingsType.taPopRcptLineInsert_Items = new taPopRcptLineInsert_ItemsTaPopRcptLineInsert[invoice.InvoiceLines.Count];

                foreach (OutgoingInvoiceLine line in invoice.InvoiceLines)

                    taPopRcptLineInsert_ItemsTaPopRcptLineInsert ecLine = new taPopRcptLineInsert_ItemsTaPopRcptLineInsert();

                    ecLine.POPRCTNM = invoice.SupplierDocumentNumber;
                    ecLine.VENDORID = vendorReference;
                    ecLine.CURNCYID = "GBP";
                    ecLine.ITEMNMBR = line.ItemDescription;
                    ecLine.ITEMDESC = line.ItemDescription;
                    ecLine.UOFM = "Each";
                    ecLine.QTYINVCD = line.Quantity;
                    ecLine.QTYSHPPD = line.Quantity;
                    ecLine.UNITCOST = Decimal.Parse(line.UnitCost.ToString());
                    ecLine.EXTDCOST = Decimal.Parse(Convert.ToString(line.UnitCost * line.Quantity));
                    ecLine.Purchase_IV_Item_Taxable = 3;
                    ecLine.EXTDCOSTSpecified = true;
                    ecLine.UNITCOSTSpecified = true;
                    ecLine.NONINVEN = 1;
                    ecLine.LOCNCODE = "NO PROJECT";  //default Location Code
                    ecLine.RCPTLNNM = lineNumber;
                    ecLine.POPTYPE = 3;
                    ecLine.INVINDX = 0;

                    oPOPReceivingsType.taPopRcptLineInsert_Items[lineIndex] = ecLine;

                    totalTax += line.UnitCost * line.Quantity;

                //Invoice Tax
                invoiceTax.TAXTYPE = 0;
                invoiceTax.POPRCTNM = invoice.SupplierDocumentNumber;
                invoiceTax.VENDORID = vendorReference;
                invoiceTax.TAXDTLID = invoice.TaxDetail;
                invoiceTax.TAXAMNT = totalTax;
                invoiceTax.MSCTXAMT = Decimal.Parse("0.00");
                invoiceTax.FRTTXAMT = Decimal.Parse("0.00");

                oPOPReceivingsType.taPopRcptLineTaxInsert_Items = new taPopRcptLineTaxInsert_ItemsTaPopRcptLineTaxInsert[] { invoiceTax };






Having a look around I suspect this is a GL Account set up issue (difference between the databases) - but I can't actually see where I would set this within the XML

Version: GP 2010
Section: eConnect

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