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sg360 11/14/2014 6:03:03 PM

Batch Posting Date via scribe

Hi Guys

I'm posting a PM batch to GP2010 via scribe insight. I create the PM distributions then AP then transaction header then batch header, In the step where I create the batch header, I set the posting date, but I never get that date in the purchasing batch. On a previous integration I used an SP to set the posting date, etc. (see end).

The problem with doing this is that I lose the transaction options to commit repeating rows together. No Problems, I thought, I'll just update the SY00500 table directly from Scribe, but when I try to add an update step, I get a message saying it's not updateable. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can keep the repeating row transactions AND get the correct posting date?





ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[SetBatchPostingDate]
    @BatchNo AS VARCHAR(15)
   ,@Series AS TINYINT 
   ,@PostingDate AS DATE
    -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from
    -- interfering with SELECT statements.
        DECLARE @CheckBookID AS VARCHAR(15)
        SET @CheckBookID = (
                                CASE WHEN LEFT([BSSI_Facility_ID],1) = 1 THEN 'BA REGULAR     '
                                     ELSE 'COLE TAYLOR OP '
                                RTRIM([BACHNUMB]) = @BatchNo
    -- Insert statements for procedure here
            [GLPOSTDT] = @PostingDate
           ,[CHEKBKID] = @CheckBookID
            RTRIM([BACHNUMB]) = @BatchNo
            AND [SERIES] = @Series
        IF @@ROWCOUNT = 0
            OR @@ERROR != 0
            RETURN 1
            RETURN 0


Version: GP 2010
Section: Dexterity, Dynamics GP, eConnect, Integration Manager, SQL Scripts, Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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