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Randy Leidich 11/10/2014 1:29:21 PM

Using GPConnection for successful data transfer and then GP Posting freezes

We changed the custom interface code to use GpConnection since we wanted to use the same login for all databases involved in the interface as described in the document: DatabaseConnDynGPNet.doc.   Our process also uses eConnect to transfer data.  The A/R batch transfer runs correctly but when we click on the "Post" on the GP "Receivables Batch Entry" dialog, the posting process won't start.  It seems to mark the batch as posting in process and then waits forever. The application needs to be terminated with task manager because posting is in progress.   If GP is restarted after A/R batch transfer and prior to post everything works correctly and also small batches work correctly. I was able to make it work using the SA account if I only use GPConnection for the GP database access but this doesn't work for NON-SA accounts, I get a password mismatch.   Doing a database compare, there is no difference in the data after a GP restart versus no restart.  I have dexterity log data showing where we are in the posting process when it stalls.

 In the DEX log the unsuccessful post is showing the last entry being:

/*  Date: 10/01/2014  Time: 13:48:02


BEGIN DECLARE @num int EXEC DYNAMICS.dbo.zDP_SY00800SI 2, 'sa', 'Test Company', 'RM_Sales', 'DGPI_RBL15', 1, '', @num OUT SELECT @num END

The successful post shows more activity:

/*  Date: 10/01/2014  Time: 14:44:07


BEGIN DECLARE @num int EXEC DYNAMICS.dbo.zDP_SY00800SI 2, 'sa', 'Test Company', 'RM_Sales', 'DGPI_RBL15', 1, '', @num OUT SELECT @num END

 /*  Date: 10/01/2014  Time: 14:44:08


{CALL X3_56.dbo.zDP_RM40101F_1(NULL,NULL)}

I have spent a lot of time on this and it needs to be resolved.  Any help will be appreciated.

Randy Leidich

Version: GP 2013
Section: Dynamics GP

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