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mgandia 10/6/2014 9:38:12 AM

Error Number = 8002 Stored Procedure taUpdateCreateItemRcd Error Description = The Quantity Decimal Places can not be changed on an existing item


I had an interface with GP and another software that my software creates Items in GP through eConnect.  It works fine.  I'm using the same code in another software and is giving me this error.

This is part of the code

            Dim UpdateCreateItemRcd As New taUpdateCreateItemRcd
            With UpdateCreateItemRcd
                .ITEMNMBR = item.ItemLookupCode
                .ITEMDESC = item.Description
                .ITMCLSCD = item.Department.Code
                .UOMSCHDL = item.UnitOfMeasure.Schedule
                .ITEMTYPE = CShort(item.ItemType)
                .DECPLQTY = CShort(ItemDefaults.DECPLQTY)
                .DECPLQTYSpecified = True
                .DECPLCUR = CShort(ItemDefaults.DECPLCUR)
                .DECPLCURSpecified = True
                .PRCHSUOM = ItemDefaults.PRCHSUOM
                .LISTPRCE = item.Price
                .CURRCOST = item.Cost
                .UpdateIfExists = 1
            End With


Version: GP 10
Section: .NET Development, eConnect

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