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Ranger 8/20/2013 5:44:47 PM

inserting timesheet lines

Edit 9/17/15 View the main article for this error here 

hi all,

I have econnect setup in a winform application, and am processing timesheets (again--this is a re-write).   I want to insert timesheet lines separately, one at a time for stability.  I came across a problem where my timesheet would error out if certain conditions are met (not good).

I figure I will just insert a header, then individually insert the timesheet lines to get around our customizations, and I have gotten the header to insert, but am having trouble inserting lines through eConnect.  Is this possible, or do you have to have a header to put a line in econnect?

second, I tried manually inserting the timesheet line with the taPATimeSheetLineInsert stored procedure, but I am getting an error 6451 back.  Where can I look up these codes?

thanks for your assistance!

Version: GP 2010
Section: .NET Development, eConnect, SQL Scripts

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