NaomiP 5/11/2007 10:02:00 AM

Migrating Dynamics GP to a new SQL Server

Edit 6/8/2010:
Just ran this on a GP2010 install, worked fine... but I had to reset the passwords in Dynamics when done. I wonder if that was related to the ODBC connection?

 Last week I added Microsoft's instructions for migrating Dynamics GP to a new server. In going through that text I had an issue and contacted support, here is the text of that conversation. It was very helpful.

 5/8/2007 7:22:00 PM PDT -- Steve
My client wants to migrate from MSDE (8.0) to SQL Server 2005. Both instances are on the same box. I am fully backed up, and have transferred the databases from one SQL to the other. I the past I would run my handy 'migrate users' scripts and everything would be fine. 

Apparently 2005 does not allow this technique. Can you help?

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