esoftpr 9/6/2012 3:25:08 PM

Slow Performance in Dynamics GP 10

I have a customer that is complening about how Dynamics GP 10 is very slow in posting and creating the following reports:

  • Receivables Distribution History - It takes apox 10 minutes to display
  • Historical Stock Status - It takes apox 15 minutes to display

They have two server:

  • One for SQL SERVER 2008 r2, 4HD SAS, 16GB RAM,
  • Another server with VMWARE using terminal server for 10 HP thin clients for Dynamics GP 10 Client
    • This server has 12gb ram, 4 HD SAS

I did the following process:

  •  In SQL I did a Rebuild Index and also a Shrink
  • In Dynamics GP I did a Check Links and Reconcile in all the modules.

Please advice me what other process can I do to speed Dynamics GP10.

Thank You

Version: GP 10
Section: Dynamics GP, Report Writer

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