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btamulis 11/5/2011 9:15:02 PM

Dynamics Security Console Error


I am running GP Web Services V10 - SP5.

We are testing an application that integrates with GP.

Everything was running great. Then a new developer got involved - now I have situation where the web services runs fine - we can create customers, invoices, etc.

However, I was asked to change a behavior on the Create Customer Policy - when I try to launch the Security Console - application lauches - I select the service - and I get this error message: (it's really longer this is the gist of it)..........

The Console file is corrupted or contains invalid data.could not access the securityservice service.System.InvalidOperationException choose the select application action to specify the service and application you wish to administer."

the new guy must have tweaked something - any suggestions where to start troubleshooting?


Version: GP 10
Section: Dynamics GP, Web Services

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