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btamulis 10/19/2011 12:47:13 PM

GP2010 - Web Services - Create PO Receipt - STD PO vs Drop Ship PO

I'm a GP Consultant working with a developer. We are using GP Web Services 2010 to Create a PO Receipt.

We have 2 business scenarios - we need to create a Drop Ship PO Receipt and a STD PO Receipt.

Our application works great creating STD PO Receipts. When we try to create a Drop Ship PO Receipt we get a weird error:

Invalid object name 'PA01303'

Couple of observations -

1, The Create PO Receipt Policy doesn't have a POPTYPE object available to us.........this seems really strange......when we insert sales docs.....we tell the service whether the document is invoice, return, order, etc,........why not same methodology in PO Receipt?

2. At the item level QTYINVCD is not available as an object either..........I find this to be strange as would seem to me that I would need to pass both QTYSHPPD and QTYINVCD when creating a Drop Ship Receipt.

Here's the testing I did - Created 2 Identical PO's - same vendor, same items, costs, qtys, etc. Only differece PO Number and PO Type. When I fire off the Create {PO receipt Policy - I successfully create a STD PO receipt. When I use the same XML (except for changing PO Number) - I get the validation error message?

I think my SOAP Message for Drop Ship Receipts should be different (object wise) than std PO receipts........yet when I connect to the Creat PO Receipt Policy - I don't see PO TYPE, RECEIPT TYPE or QTYINVCD?

Any suggestions on troubleshooting? Anybody have sample XML for a drop ship receipt?


Version: GP 2010
Section: Dynamics GP, Web Services

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