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woodsdarren 10/14/2011 8:06:21 PM

Dynamics GP Web Servives Validation error

Can someone explain how to resolve the following validation issue.  I am updating a sales order from a web site and am getting

'DiscountAmount cannot be greater than UnitPrice" validation error at the following code:

wsDynamicsGP.UpdateSalesOrder(salesOrder, context, salesOrderUpdatePolicy);


I am not changing any pricing info on the sales order line items, just site and shipping method.

I have also tried changing the policies, 'Calculate total amount' and 'calculate unit price', to 'do not calculate'

Anyone have any ideas what I should try next? Thanks, Darren

Editor's note:

Related errors:

A validation exception has occurred.
Validation Errors:
- Invalid PriceListKey.
- CurrencyKey/PriceListKey/U of M combination is not included in price list for this item.

(see the thread below)


Version: GP 2010
Section: Web Services

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