NaomiP 2/18/2011 8:40:00 AM

FRx Resources

FRx is... not really my thing. I never really had a customer ask me to help with it.

But today I have the task of taking a company from GP9 to GP2010 and I'm strambling for resources. Here's a list of what I'm using, so I don't lose it.

Note: Some of thes links may require a PartnerSource login.

How to move Microsoft FRx 6.7 to a new server

How to Install the Full Version of Microsoft FRx 6.7 - Knowledge Base Article

Microsoft Dynamics FRx 6.7 Service Pack Overview

Edit 2/18/2011:

From my friend Bob McAdam of GPUG fame:

Don’t forget, c’mon, that just because one upgrades to GP 2010 does NOT mean they have to upgrade FRx to Management Reporter (MR).  FRx will be supported thru 2012.
Also, MR does not work with GP v10, just GP 2010.



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