Jason@Callow 1/14/2011 12:01:28 PM

GP2010 Sales Batch Entry Post Button click events


I am upgrading a client from GP 9 to GP 2010.  One of their AddIns customizations involves capturing the click of the Post button on the Sales Batch Entry window.  This works well in GP9, but I am not able to capture the click on the Post button in GP 2010.

I have confirrmed I have referenced the correct window, and I can capture the click event on other buttons on the form, but the post button will not fire my ClickAfterOriginal event (or ClickBeforeOriginal either).  I can reference the post button in the code from another event.  To test this I created a custom Post button with modifier, and DAG'd the modified dictionary.  After adding the modified dictionary reference to my project, I can reference the custom post button.  I can capture the click event on the custom post button with no problems.  I can even 'click' the original post button through code after the user clicks the custom button.

I still cannot, however, capture the click event on the original post button.  I need to use both the before click and after click events as timing if imporant to this customization.

Has anyone else noticed difficulties accessing the click events on the Post button on the Sales Batch Entry form in GP 2010?


Version: Unknown or N/A
Section: Visual Studio Tools for Dynamics GP

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