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Errors for the taCreateAssetPurchase Stored Procedure

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8250Pre Custom Business Logic for taCreateAssetPurchasePre returned an error value  Edit
8251At least one input variable contains a null value in taCreateAssetPurchase stored procedure  Edit
8252Asset ID (ASSETID) is empty  Edit
8253The Asset Suffix ID (ASSETIDSUF) can not be < 1 or > 999  Edit
8254The Asset ID/Asset Suffix combination does not exist in the Fixed Assets Master Table (FA00100)  Edit
8255The Document Date (DOCDATE) is empty  Edit
8256The Purchase Line Sequence Number (PURCHLINESEQ) can not be < 0  Edit
8257You do not have a functional currency set up for this company - eConnect requires one - please enter a functional currency  Edit
8258Input number of decimals exceeds setup for currency decimal places Answers exist! Join NowEdit
8259You are attempting to insert a new record (UpdateIfExists = 0) that already exists in the FA01400 table  Edit
8260Unable to update the FA00100 table  Edit
8261The Acquistion Cost (Acquisition_Cost) can not be < 0  Edit
8262The Vendor ID (VENDORID) does not exist in the Vendor Master Table (PM00200)  Edit
8263The Currency ID does not exist in the Currency Setup table  Edit
8264The Currency ID does has not been granted access to the company database  Edit
8265An error was returned from the taMCCurrencyValidate proc  Edit
8266MC Exchange rate cannot be 0  Edit
8267The UpdateIfExists parameter is invalid - 0,1 & 2 are valid values  Edit
8268Unable to insert into the FA01400 table  Edit
8269Could not update the FA01400 table  Edit
8270Post Custom Business Logic for taCreateAssetPurchasePost returned an error value  Edit

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