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6/13/2016 3:10:29 PM

Using Microsoft Query with a Stored Procedure

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Earlier, we had blogged on how to create a refreshable report using VBA. Frequent GPUG contributor Steve Erbach pointed out that Victoria Yudin has a blog posting on how to do the same thing using Microsoft Query.

Having coded it both ways now I'm not sure which way is better. This technique below is longer to do (17 screen shots), but it avoids VBA which is bound to be a new technology for some people. I'd appreciate your comments.

This technique also queries the database and returns a list of all the tables and views so you have to sit and wait for a while to get that list... and then you don't need it. If you get the 'please wait' window just sit and wait it out. It might be a few minutes.

Victoria's original article is here. Our article here is written in our typical RAD style. Victoria's is more personable <smiles>.  

Our article was written against Office 2010.

I want to thank Steve for his input. You'd be surprised how few people take the time

Steve's words:

Victoria Yudin has addressed the use of stored procs with just one or two parameters without VBA. I also did an overly-long video series on YouTube showing how to implement the RM Historical Aged Trial Balance stored proc in a refex (REFreshable EXcel workbook).

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