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4/24/2015 3:43:13 PM

Script to create a Table from Stored Procedure parameters

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So, you're thinking 'what??'

Why would you want to create a table from the parameters of a stored procedure?

Well, I've got a good reason. I've struggled for years with a way to pass parameters into eConnect code, and to have a piece of eConnect code that is portable between clients. That's really important for me, I work at a different client every day. So, code portability makes me money.

The idea is that I take the eConnect stored procedures and create tables that mirror the procs. The sending code populates the table and then calls the eConnect library which knows to pick up the data from the tables and run.

I still have to edit some of it... but a majority of the work is done. And there is no need to reference any eConnect objects in any code except the eConnect library.

This code loops through the parameters of a stored procedure and creates a table.

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Section: eConnect,SQL Scripts
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